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Day 1
Arrival to Taipei Airport – Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence Park – Tamsui – Transfer to Hotel

Day 2
Longshan Temple – Taipei 101 – Taipei Zoo – Maokong Gondola – Shilin Night Market – Transfer to Hotel
Day 3
Yehliu – Shifen Railway Station & Shifen Waterfall – Houtong Cat Village – Jiufen

Day 4
The Lin Family Mansion and Garden – National Palace Museum – Departure from Taipei Airport
Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence Park

      The Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence was the residence of former President Chiang Kai-shek and his wife. It also used to be used as a test site for horticulture during the Japanese colonial era. Today the grounds with gardens are open to the public.

Located at the northern tip of Taiwan, the city is home to many western colonial, Japanese, southern Fujianese, and native Taiwanese cultural and architectural attraction.
Longshan Temple

The oldest and the most well-known temple in Taiwan. Since its construction in 1738, Taipei residents have continuously renovated and improved the temple to make it one of the most beautiful on the island. The temple symbolizes the pride of Taiwanese temples and worship houses, worshipping a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and deities like Mazu.
Taipei 101

This landmark of the city was officially classified as the world’s tallest from its opening in 2004 until 2010. Its elevators, capable of 60.6 km/h (37.7 mph) used to transport passengers from the 5th to 89th floor in 37 seconds. In 2011 Taipei 101 has become the tallest and largest green building in the world. The tower regularly appears as an icon of Taipei in international media, and its fireworks displays are a regular feature of New Year’s Eve broadcasts.
Taipei Zoo

The largest zoo in Asia, a must-see for the animal lovers. The zoo is also home to Yuan Zai, the first giant panda cub born on Taiwan.
Maokong Gondola

The Maokong Gondola was openedin 2007, then retrofitted with Crystal Cabins (glass-bottom cars) in 2010 to offer a better panoramic view. The full journey is composed of four passenger stations and two angle stations, 25 piers and 47 towers. The route is 4.03 kilometers long, and the altitude starts from 24m to 300m.
Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market in Taipei is one of the biggest and famous night markets in Taiwan. 
It is especially renowned for its food and for its night life among locals and visitors.

Yehliu is composed of a large number of unique geological formations, such as the iconic “Queen’s Head. The erosion of the waves, the weathering of rocks, the motion of the crust and the geological action all combined offer us the view of a very rare ground and landscape.
Shifen Railway Station

Shifen Station is the largest station on the Pingxi Line and it used to be a major interchange station for trains. It was first built during the Japanese era in order to transport coal. The track runs through the village and crosses the market place.
Shifen Waterfall

The 40 meters tall waterfall offers a scenic view and is often called the “Taiwanese Little Niagara Falls” because the horseshoe shape mimics North America’s most famous waterfall. When water splashes into the lake, it creates a rainbow. 
Houtong Cat Village

A must-see for cat lovers! From the moment you arrive, you’ll have no trouble knowing who the real stars are. The cat population of 200 is about 2 times more than   the human inhabitants. Originally, this town was a prosperous 6,000 residents small coal mining town, but in the 1990’s the population fell to 100 residents because of the end of the mining activity.
In 2010, a cat lover and photographer started posting about the village’s growing stray cat population. The public fell in love with the adorable cats and Houtong was transformed into a cat-lover mecca (kitty-themed shops and cafes, cat bridge, volunteer team taking care of the cats and others…).

Jiufen was originally built by the Japanese as a gold mining mountain town during the Japanese occupation in 1893. The city developed fast during the gold rush and most of the buildings in the town remain unchanged to this day. This gives the opportunity to see the Japanese influence on both architecture and culture on the island. After the World War II, the gold mining activity decreased. Nowadays, the city is filled with both retro Chinese and Japanese style cafés, tea houses, and souvenir shops, as well as fantastic views of the ocean. 
The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

The Lin Ben Yuan Family Mansion and Garden was built by the Lin Ben Yuan family. The mansion and garden are representative of the architecture of the Qing dynasty. The mansion and garden are about 20,000 m2, and this is so far the most complete private garden in Taiwan.
National Palace Museum

The museum was originally founded in Beijing in 1925. It was relocated to its current location in 1949. Over 600,000 of the most precious artefacts within the collection were transferred  to Taiwan in order to protect them from their desecration during and after the Chinese Civil War.

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