Nature Refresh Jeolla-Do Province

2 Nights / 3 Days Nature Refresh Jeolla-Do Province with Amuse Travel


Jeolla-Do Province
2 Nights / 3 Days
Nature Refresh
List of included services
Included services: Meals / Hotel/ Insurance/ Bus
Accommodation: Hotel
Private Bus: Lift Bus
Day 1
Departure – Jeonju Hanok Village – Lunch – Seomjingang Train Village – Dinner – Transfer to Hotel
Day 2
Hotel Breakfast – Yudal Mountain Sculpture Park – Lunch – Mokpo Natural History Museum – National Maritime Museum – Gatbawi (Gat Rock) – Peace Plaza – Dinner – Sea Fountain Water Show – Transfer to Hotel
Day 3
Hotel Breakfast – Jeam Mountain Recreational Forest – Lunch – Transfer to Seoul
Jeonju Hanok Village
With 735 traditional Korean houses “hanok” clustered in a single area, this village retains a rustic and elegant charm here past and the present coexist in harmony.
Seomjingang Train Village
The train (an exact replica of the old one) runs 10km between the old Gokseong Station and Gajeong Station. Passengers can enjoy the scenic view of lush greenery along the Seomjingang River and flowers alongside the roads at springtime.
Yudal Mountain Sculpture Park
Korea’s first outdoor sculpture park has been inaugurated in October 1982. it now features 46 works of art. Enjoy a nice walk through the park, taking pictures with the natural scenery and sculptures.
Mokpo Natural History Museum
The museum has many rare dinosaur skeletons and fossils.
National Maritime Museum
This is the only museum in Korea dedicated to the country’s maritime history. The highlights are two shipwrecks, thousands of priceless items of Korean and Chinese celadon, coins and other trade items.
Gatbawi (Gat Rock)
The rock got its name from its appearance being similar to that of a person wearing a traditional cylindrical Korean hat, called “gat”. When people look at the rock, they see the image of a man and his son.
Peace Plaza
An area full of coffee shops in a large square that creates a relaxing atmosphere.
Sea Fountain Water Show
Grand jets of water shoot out over the calm ocean to dance to music with colorful lights showing their amazing moves. The lights, water and music all come together to create a romantic night 
Jeam Mountain Recreational Forest
Jeamsan Recreational Forest is located east of Jeamsan Mountain, and is beautiful throughout the year, replete with royal azaleas, green tea fields, and wildflowers that are especially beautiful during summer time.