Follow your mind along the wind
1 Night / 2 Days Gangwon Do Province
#Gangwon Do Province #Travel Experience #Healing Travel # Wheelchair Travel # Family Tour
List of included services
Bus – with private driver
Services included – Accommodation / Entrance fees / Meals / Insurance

Day 1
Departure from Seoul – Pyeongchang Uiyaji Wind Village (lunch time) – Yongpyong Resort Mountain Coaster (Rail Bike) – Dinner – Check in to accommodation and rest

Day 2
Breakfast – Mt. Balwangsan Cable Car – Woljeongsa Temple – Arrival to Seoul

Pyeongchang Uiyaji Wind Village
Making Cheese and Potatoe pancake in Gangwon Do Province
Special experience where you can make your own food directly on the market.

Yongpyong Resort (Dragon Valley (Hotel))
A hotel with a luxury room service
This is the perfect place to be close to the nature and relieve stress, while being in a luxurious environment.

Mountain Coaster (Yongpyong Resort)
Have a ride on the rail bike and slide down the 1,300-meter-long green valley steep slope with sharp curves at the maximum speed of 40km.

Mt. Balwangsan Cable Car (Yongpyong Resort)
Enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes from the sky
Balwangsan is the 12th highest mountain in the country and offers a very beautiful charming view.

Woljeongsa Temple
Be one with Mother Nature
Feel the atmosphere of the ancient time at Woljeongsa Temple!
The temple was founded in 643 during the reign of Queen Seondeock, the Silla Dynasty.