Privacy Statement

Amuse Travel On site Welcome Thing Welcome.

( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel “) is to protect the privacy and rights of users in accordance with the Privacy Act and seamlessly handle the complaints of users relating to privacy so I put the following statement processing.

( ‘Amuse Travel “) is the company will be announced through the case to amend the Privacy Policy Web Site Announcements (or individual notice).

This policy is effective from June 1, 2016.

1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel “) has to process personal information for the following purposes. Processing personal information will not be used forany purpose other than the purpose of the following when using this purpose be changed and will seek consent.

A. Main Register and Management
Register physician confirmed, I identified in accordance with the subscription serviceCertification, Membership RetentionManagement, Service unauthorized useprevention, various notices Notify, grievance handling, processing personal information for the purpose of record keeping, etc. for dispute resolution.

B. Civil petitions process
Verify the identity of the complainant, complaints OK, in fact, call for an investigationThe process personal information for the purpose of notification, the notificationprocessing results and the like.

Everything. Goods or services
Service delivery, billing, content delivery, personalized service, identity authentication, billing ratesThe process personal information for the purpose of settlement.

D. Take advantage of the marketing and advertising
New services (product) development and customization services, events and advertising information provision and opportunities available, demographics, services andadvertising according to the characteristics and validation services, access frequency identified or statistics about the use of the Service Members, with the purpose to process personal information.

2. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information

① ( ‘Amuse Travel’) is held in accordance with the Privacy ActThe usage period information held or holds personal information received consent when collecting personal information from principals, handle personal information in a usage period.
each individual information processing and retention periods are as follows:

Personal items of information: email, phone number, home address, password, login ID, gender, date of birth, name,
Service use recording, connection log, cookies, access IP information, billing records
Gathers way: the homepage, the written form, phone / fax
Based on hold: We below ( “3. Personal information for more high-quality service to the customer, etc.
The details on the offering party, 4. Privacy entrusted to partners, such as “items)
We provide personal information. We have independent your privacy and service companies,
It does not disclose the agency.
Holding period: 1 year
Exception Reason: However, the confirmation of transaction-related rights and obligations as relationships following a period to be held
If you need to, you can have a period of time or in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
1) records relating to the processing of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
2) contract or record of such cancellation: 5 years
3) collect credit information / records of treatment and used for 3 years
4) The record of the supply of goods and payments: 5 years
5) the contract or cancellation of such records: 5 years
6) written on Show / Ads: 6 months

3. Matters concerning the provision of third parties of personal information

① ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel “) is personal information only if the consent of the data subject, the special provisions of the Personal InformationProtection Law, including Article 17 and Article 18 It offers to third parties.
② ( ‘’) is located and to provide personal information to a third party, as follows.

Receives the personal information Party: Shoe and service providers
Provide objective recipient’s personal information using email, phone number, gender, date of birth, name,
Provides held party receives. Period of use: destroyed without delay

4. Commitment of personal information processing

① ( ‘Amuse Travel “) is also for the smooth work process personal information entrusted personal information processing tasks as follows:

1. <vendor consignment>
Consignment recipient party (trustee): SIMPAY (membership withdrawal during or consignment contract until the end)
– The contents of the consignment business: electronic settlement
Charging time:

○ 2 ( ‘’ less ‘Amuse Travel’) is charged upon agreement with the Privacy Act, pursuant to Article 25 non-performing commissioning purposesprohibited personal information processing and technical. Administrative protection, re-charging limitations, management of the trustee. Specify the details regarding the responsibilities, including oversight, including damages in the contract documents, and whether the trustee overseeing the safe handling personal information.
If you change the content or trustee of trust, we will work to the public through this Privacy Policy without delay.

5. Rights, duties, and methods of events

① Users can exercise the following rights as personal data subject.
data subject may always exercise the following subparagraphs privacy rights in five eseuwayi ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel).
1) Personal information view request
2) If there are errors, correct requirements
3) Delete request
4) processing stop request

exercise of rights under paragraph 1 eseuwayi five ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel) Personal Information Protection Act Enforcement Rules Annex No. 8 according to the written format, e-mail, for, facsimile ( available through, such as FAX) and ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel) is this hope for actionwithout delay.
If the data subject is required for the correction or deletion of personal information and error ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel) is relevant until you complete the correction or deletion (s) Privacy use or do not provide.
exercise of rights under paragraph (1) may be through a representative, such as a person who is the legal representative or a delegate of the data subject. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in accordance with the Privacy Act Enforcement Rules Annex Form No. 11.

6. Creating an item of personal information to process

① ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel “) is handling the following items of personal information is.

Required: email, phone number, home address, name,
Select: physical information, the type of failure

7. Destruction of personal information

( ‘Amuse Travel “) is a rule, if the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, it destroys the personal information without delay. Procedures, deadlines andmethods of destruction are as follows:

Destruction process information input by the user (a separate document if the paper) moved to a separate DB will be destroyed after a certain period of time to achieve the purpose or immediately after it is saved to the internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations. At this time, the personal information is transferred to the DB stand not the case according to the law is not used for other purposes.
Destroy the privacy of deadlines user if the retention period of personal data has passed within five days from the end of the retention period, the achievement of personal data processing purposes, such as the abolition of the service, termination of the projects that personal information has been unnecessarily when you destroy the personal data processing of personal information within five days from the date it is deemed that unnecessary.
Method of destruction
Information of electronic file format uses a technical method that can not be played back the recording.
Personal information printed on paper will be discarded shredder or through incineration.

8. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

( ‘Amuse Travel’) is also a technical / administrative and physical measures, pursuant to the Privacy Act 29 required to ensure safety as follows:

1) regular self-audits
It has implemented a self-audit on a regular basis (quarterly) for a privacy-related stability.
2) Minimize the personal information handling and staff training
And specify the employees who handle personal information and to minimize the enforcement measures to limit the personnel to manage your personal information.
3) establishing and implementing internal control plan
It has established an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information and enforcement.
4) technical measures against hacking, etc.
<Eseuwayi five “(” Amuse Travel “) is installed security programs to prevent leakage of personal information and compromised by hacking or computer viruses, and periodicupdatesand checking and install the system in which access from outside restricted areas technically / physically and monitoring and blocking.
5) encryption of the privacy
Personal information is encrypted passwords have been stored and managed, can only know yourself and important data using a separate security features such asencrypted data or transfer files and use file-locking capabilities.
6) Anti-forgery and archiving of records access
Privacy and processing system and minimum storage, management, access to more than six months a record, and the record access security features to prevent forgery andtheft, not lost.
7) Access Control for privacy
And through the granting of access rights, modification, cancellation of the database system to handle personal information and the measures necessary to control access to personal information and using a firewall controls unauthorized access from outside.
8) used for document security lock
The documents that contain personal information, such as secondary storage media and store it in a safe place under lock and key.
Access control to 9) unauthorized party
With a physical storage area that holds your personal information separate from this Establish procedures for the access control, and operations.

9. Writing Personal Information Protection Officer

eseuwayi five ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel) is responsible to oversee the work on Privacy, Privacy and information related to the subject of thecomplaint and redress etc. the following are specified for the chief Privacy Officer.

▶ Chief Privacy Officer
Name: five seoyeon
Position: CEO
Contact: 02-6441-3777

He eseuwayi five data subject ( ‘’ less’ Amuse Travel) services (or business) the use hasimyeonseo caused all privacy-related inquiries,complaints, redress, etc. Details about an individual you can contact the Privacy Officer and department. Eseuwayi five (hereafter ‘’ ‘Amuse Travel) is haedeuril will answer and process without delay for the contact information of the subject.

10. Personal Information Request

data subject may be charged a viewing of personal information in accordance with Article 35 of the Privacy Act under the Department. ( ‘’ less‘Amuse Travel’) is charged hope the privacy of the data subject to be viewed quickly.

▶ Reading privacy claims processing department received
Department: Tourism Division
Contact Person: Chung
Contact: 02-6441-3776

I read the first paragraphdata subject claims received. In addition to handling department, also tonghayeoseo “Privacy comprehensive support portal website ( of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security allows you to view the billing information private.

▶ Requirements Ministry of privacy Privacy complaints → → comprehensive support portal view personal information (which should be the I-Pin (I-PIN) to verify your identity)

11. Change of personal information processing policy

do notice Privacy policy through the effective date (June 2016 May 1, 2011) Additional changes to take effect and, in accordance with the laws and policies from, delete,and if corrections have known before performed seven days of the changes made will.