[Platum] Guardians of Galaxy: Start-up to protect the weak

Guardians of Galaxy: Start-up to protect the weak

In this world, there are groups that are divided into social weak and marginalized groups that are created by various reasons and purposes such as physical and cultural characteristics.
This group is sometimes divided into gender, physical liberty, or the gap between rich and poor.
The world calls them children, the elderly, women, people with disabilities, sex minorities, and Gentiles.

For thousands of years, those who were rejected simply because they were different from the group called ‘me and us’, are trying to improve their voices and improve their situation at any moment.
Over time, a nationwide welfare system has emerged for children, the elderly, and the poor, and women’s liberation movements and Queer parades are spreading throughout the world.
Some say that it is wrong with the standard of referring to the weaker, or they are called “reverse discrimination” with an active preferential policy, but all the members of the world have the right to a better life.

Moreover, as long as there is a definite proposition that “nothing will happen, nothing will happen”, we must find a way to further increase our rights. There are companies that try to eliminate barriers in this area.

They are trying to live near the lives of people with disabilities, such as disabled people, women, sex minorities and homeless people, in order to better their lives. The Marvel Tit Movie Gao Gal (Guardians of Galaxy) is the story of the evils that gathered power to save the galaxy in front of the threats and conflicts of the extraterrestrial.
The following companies are active domestic start-ups like Gao-gall for the world’s underprivileged.
How about expecting them to grow into companies that solve global problems?

▲Disabled – Amuse Travel

‘Amus Travel’ is a product service that a tour program is created by Mr. Seo-yeon Oh, a planner who has experienced a discomfort for disabled people for over a year.

Unlike general travel, which emphasizes visibility, it also features an emphasis on other senses that are touched and handled, helping people with disabilities travel around the globe without the hassle of travel and expensive expenses. The company will become a social platform for people with disabilities in the future and aim to create a society where people with and without disabilities can naturally come together.

Their value is steadily being recognized. In 2015, it will be selected as an excellent enterprise for culture creation venture complex by Korea Tourism Organization. In 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Samsung Electronics Technology Sharing Project, and the Small Business Support Agency SBA (CEO of Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency) Has been selected as an excellent company for ‘Demo Day’.

▲Socially vulnerable class – Duson Company

Duson Company is a company that creates jobs by innovating logistics business based on the mission of ‘eliminating poverty through jobs’. The beginning was a hanger, but the order quantity was not regular. Starting with some start-ups, there are currently 50 customers and about 100 homeless people with them. In the two years since the start of the logistics business, sales have increased sevenfold from the previous year, and the warehouse, which started at 18 pyeong, expanded to 400 pyeong. In addition, it is also actively operating under government subsidies, being designated as a preliminary social enterprise designated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

“We are not just growing the size of our business, but dreaming of growing up with a sustainable growth structure,” Park said. “Homeless people are now experiencing work, saving money, and improving the residential environment. I will try to get them to be technicians in the future. ”


▲Women – mamkkeosdeulim

Dreaming is a platform for women to cut off career and a talent sharing platform for women. This service is intended to solve the issue of women ‘s job creation and career disconnection. Since its opening in March this year, Busan and its surrounding areas, Daegu and the metropolitan area have rapidly become nationwide. Thanks to the efforts of consumers, it is also important to see the effectiveness of public relations without paying a lot of money. “On our platform, we would like to make full use of their careers for women who have lost their careers, or who are experiencing difficulties in the situation,” said Hyun Ji-hyun. It is a company that should be watched by women who have to deal with work and child care at the same time.

▲Queer – Dot Face

Korean society is not familiar with the word LGBT (lesbian, gay, bie, transgender, etc.). According to the “LGBT Acceptance Survey” released by the OECD late last year, Korea ranked 31st among the 35 OECD countries, the lowest level. LGBT awareness of Korean voters surveyed by other research institutes in Korea is also very low and this trend is similar. It is a very conservative and far-reaching situation, but nevertheless there is new media that are constantly concerned with issues of gender equality and queer.

Dface (.face) is a video specialist new media for Korea’s Millennials. It communicates with readers with topics such as feminism, policies including LGBT, environment and animals. In particular, they reported more than 5 million views of LGBT video. Jo Socheom, who believes that we can change the whole world by improving the problem that we are focusing on, has also been on the list of “Asia’s influential Asian under 30 women pioneer” selected by Forbes of the US economy this year.

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Photo Source: The movie ‘Guardians of Galaxy’, source = Marvel Studios

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