Culture, Travel, Video, Fireworks … 4 color content start-up [venture square]

Culture, Travel, Video, Fireworks … 4 color content start-up

From the left, Amuse Travel O Seon Yeon, Emp Hong Hye Jae Representative, Art Fireworks Gallery Kim Ju Ju Lee, Sang Sang Maru

The content is yours. As some have said, the time and effort of the creator who created the ‘child care mind’ is a product of condensation. Creating new content is difficult, but what’s harder than that is that content is buried. If you do not forget to look at it, you can see, hear and feel it for a long time if you associate content with various industries with one source. Introduces four start-ups that are reborn in the industry with plays, travel, street art, and video content.

◇ Musicals to be connected with various industry groups through the use of musicals = Sangsangmaru, a cultural workshop Sangsangmaru is a culture and arts start-up that creates musical contents as a prototype model by expanding them to character, animation, ICT exhibition business, Musicals, and theater with diverse industry groups to expand its revenue model.

CEO Dong Sang-sang Sangsang Maru said, “Daehangno has 120 downtown spaces. It is a place where many tourists are looking, but it has not been linked to the culture of seeing the performances, “he said.” I thought it was necessary to have concert contents to connect with Dongdaemun and cultural network and to enjoy foreign tourists as well. did.

The first piece of Sangsang Maru is a family musical ‘Cat Zorba’ which is made of mathematics. Through a cat-detective story that solves the case with a mathematical mindset, it opened a door to overseas market entry in two years. The next work is ‘Bathman’ based on Korean bath culture. Mr. Eom said, “Seeshin culture is a unique culture of our own, attracting attention from overseas tourists.” We will also examine tourism brands that link content and local brands through characterization, branding of bath products, and connection with onsen culture. “He said.

◇ Targeting customized travel market for people with disabilities = Amusement Travel provides travel products specialized for people with disabilities. Providing tourists to tour the Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong to the general tourist, the visually impaired will provide contents that can be visually impaired. It provides information about the area through storytelling. Oshyun Amus Travel representative said, “Families with disabilities or parties also have strong willingness to travel. However, it was a situation that was not able to challenge the trip because of the movement or the field variable. ” He also added, “We want to overcome the difficulties we can not see and hear in the same way as the general public with customized content for people with disabilities.”

Amuse Travel Travel Products Amuse Travel, founded in September 2016, attracted 250 customers last year. As word of mouth comes, the number of recent calls is increasing. Mr. Oh said, “We will also provide a platform service that connects tourists and travelers to provide travel products tailored to individual needs and needs.” The first attempt will be on July 12, ‘Amus special plan Bali trip’ is. From check-in to sightseeing, Bali is a full-concierge service where local hosts provide personalized travel services for the disabled. Amuse Travel plans to increase travel products for disabled people to Japan, Thailand and Europe, starting with Bali products.

◇ What is the clothes on the video? = Emrap provides a video tagging service platform Emstube. EmStub is a service that allows you to search for information on the video, purchase products, and receive location information. “We use content mainly for video,” said Hong Lee. “By collecting information about people, places, and things in a video through automatic collective intelligence technology, we can search for information and use services such as purchasing. It will be easy. ”

EmStub (mSTUV) product purchase execution screen EmStub key tag function allows you to purchase a product that matches the video you are watching. Like regular messengers, you can not only give your opinion in real time while you are watching a movie, but you can also quickly search for a desired part of the image.

Currently, Emp has entered into overseas markets with a deal with Vietnam, Turkey, and Finland online sales companies and with UK, France and Israel media channels. Domestic and Chinese launches are scheduled for the fourth quarter. Hong said, “We will build an all-in-one service that collects video information on the web and mediates through the video.” Content providers, media service operators, and merchandise sellers will find suitable customers here. ” The company plans to collect more than 6 billion data by the end of next year.

◇ Art, Fireworks Art Fireworks Gallery is a fireworks organization that uses fireworks and fireworks to create performances. Dance, music and music will be presented, including the volcanic zone, which recreates the flame performance in the center of amusement culture in Korea, and the ‘new work Doha’, which consists of flame and public performances. It has been attracting attention as a street art representative group through ‘Gil & Passage’ which was co-created with the French creative group Carnavia at the celebration of 130 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and France.

In the second half of the year, there will be performances from all over the country including the Pohang Fire Festival, the Tongyeong Hansan Festival, and the Daegu Water Festival in July. Kim Ju-yeon, the planning director of the gallery, said, “We will try to make sure that overseas tourists will come to Korea and become a representative tourist attraction in Korea.”

Meanwhile, a ceremony was held at Sejong Cultural Center in Gwanghwamun on the 11th to introduce the 2017 Contents Korea Labor Support Center start-up. The event was held at the Cultural Workshop Sangsangmul, Emp, Amuse Travel and Art Fireworks Gallery. The Korea Contents Development Agency’s (KOSA) Corporate Liaison Support Center is a one-stop support project for content start-ups ranging from office space to content planning and production, investment attraction, marketing and overseas expansion.


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