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[Medium-term Economy] CKL “Cultivate content-specific accelerator”

[Medium-term Economy] CKL “Cultivate content-specific accelerator”     The Korea Content Promotion Agency’s Content Korea Lab (hereinafter referred to as CKL), affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is an organization that fosters and supports companies in the field of culture and arts content. We support the company in accordance with the characteristics […]

[Culture Economy] “Securing Marketability by Traveling for the Disabled”

(CNB Journal = Ahn Chang-hyun) “cel Demoday” was held on June 17 at the Culture Creation Venture Complex in Seoul Jung-gu. It was an event hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency with the intention of establishing a bridgehead for domestic start-ups in China. Forty venture capital […]

[KTV Kookmin Broadcasting] 100 years of happiness, hope Korea (148) – Everyone has a pleasant trip,

Where 93 dreams grow, culture creation venture complex The Cultural Creation Venture Complex, which opened in December last year, is providing one-stop support to all 93 companies that have entered the 13-to-1 competition. I will go to the cultural creation venture complex, the center of the new Korean Wave that creates world-class cultural contents with […]

[Policy Briefing] Fair travel for the disabled, pioneering new travel models, amusement travel

Fly into culture with fusion content. Cultivating creative venture complexes Moving into new industry ㅣ Registration: 2016.02.10 The old Korea Tourism Organization building in Cheonggyecheon-ro in Seoul. The cultural creation venture complex is located on 6 floors from the 10th floor to the 15th floor with a wonderful view. Fusion Belt ‘, 93 companies (2015) […]