Amuse Travel CEO Seo-yeon Oh “I would like to make a travel product for people with disabilities” [Financial News]

A journey to get away from the harshness of everyday life and to get rest can be a moment of challenge for someone.

In the age when the number of Koreans traveling abroad has exceeded 20 million, there are still people who feel the word travel is far away. It is a disabled person who can not see the front or move himself. It is a reality that they can not even look around domestic tourist spots.

amuse travel makes customized tavel products for people with disabilities who are reluctant to leave due to physical difficulties.

“When I looked at the bucket list for people with disabilities, the trip was in a high position, but when I look at domestic attractions, I can not find them.
Oshyun Amuse Travel representative (photo) said that the handicapped are focusing on designing a program that allows them to concentrate on traveling without inconvenience.

Amuse Travel tries to find out whether there are toilets, restaurants, emergency facilities, etc. for people with disabilities in the vicinity of sightseeing spots.

It is also important to create custom content that you can enjoy for each type of disability. “For example, if you go to the palace, you want to express the colors of the pillars and the curves of the roof in a lively way so that you can draw in your mind,” Oh said. For people with developmental disabilities who lack language understanding, they organize trips mainly for hands-on experiences.

“I will prepare for my next trip to continue my life.” Mr. Oh was greatly impressed by the words of his elderly client who had traveled abroad with his daughter.

“The travel of people with disabilities gives me the power to travel not only to myself but also to other people with disabilities, which can be a great force in improving society through myself”
Mr. O emphasized that the trip to the disabled can be a turning point in recognition. When you look at those who are out of the world, you realize that people around you also live with the disabled.

amuse travel is currently working on creating standardized travel products. Nowadays travel products vary in cost by type of disability, but if they standardize it, they expect that the accessibility of people with disabilities will be higher.

In addition, the company plans to launch an application that provides a variety of information tailored to the nature of the traveler through data such as travel data collected while operating a travel product. We are also taking the opportunity to provide a host of specialists to assist our clients in their local travels.

“We aim to make sure that there is no inconvenience to travel anywhere through us,” Oh said. “I would like to let you know that we can make it easier for people with disabilities to travel more easily.”

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