[Acro Fan] Amuse Travel release Disability customized domestic and overseas travel products favorable

Social trips for people with disabilities Special travel packages launched by Amos Travel (CEO Seo Yeon) in April attract attention from people with disabilities.

Before the site opened in April, about 50 inquiries per month have been received, which has increased more than ten times since its opening to 500 cases. There are currently finished products in June. In addition, since the purchase rate is high, about 20% of the disabled people who have used it once again apply for another product.

Amusement travel is characterized by the ‘host’, a disability travel specialist, who manages the whole travel product, making it a more affordable and optimized journey. They are not just travel guides, but they can customize their trips by increasing the number of people with disabilities attending the trip, providing assistance, changing accommodations, expanding lift cars, and modifying travel courses. In addition, people with disabilities usually go out of their local network to help people with disabilities to double the cost of transportation and accommodation when they travel.

Another characteristic of amusement travel products is that they constitute travel products according to the type of disability. For the visually impaired, we made the course to feel and experience the wind, sunshine, forest and sea smell of Jeju Island. For people with developmental disabilities, we did not have to travel a lot and prepared to experience nature well on the beach or the Olle Road.

Amusement Travel also operates travel products for the disabled. In this case, it operates at the same price as the handicapped product. Some of the revenue generated by non-disabled people traveling on this product is spent on helping people with disabilities. I agree with the motto of such a “good travel” and the number of people who apply is gradually increasing.

The efforts and achievements of such amusement travel have been recognized from abroad. In October of last year, he was selected as the finalist of Social Venture Correction Asia. In March of this year, he won the Asia Social Innovation Award’s Best Social Start-up Idea (Best Social Start-up Idea 2016) It was also.

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