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Offering ‘Three Senses’ travel contents that maximizes sight, smell, and hearing
By the end of the year, we have launched 40 products, high customer loyalty,

Asia Today Kim Jin-aa = Where does ‘difference’ start? Through colonial, war and dictatorship, our society has accepted the ‘unknown’ as a tentative ‘difference’. ‘Different’ is a criterion for negative judgment. Human rights There is room to explore the blind spot, but the social sound is still sunny.

Is it enough to make a basis to be harmonized only with the textbook perception of ‘disability’? Is it possible to communicate with the best environment and sensitivity and find a contact point? The worries of Amuse Travel, which develops travel contents for the disabled, begin here.

“The difference between disability and non-disability is not known to non-disabled people. I have no idea of ​​existence, and I have a vague negative perception. Amuse Travel felt it necessary to create a ‘crossing point’. And I decided that ‘travel’ was the point where I could eliminate the objection between disability and non-disorder and form a consensus. If you go on a trip, everyone will be honest with your emotions and be prepared to accept your opponent above all. ”

Oseo Yeon Amuse Travel representative, who met at the CKL Center in Jongno, Korea on October 16, explained the occasion of its founding. There was a lot of bending such as turnover to a famous franchise management after going through the information and communication instead of a securities affiliate, but O’s belief was made clear by amusement traveler’s decision to start a business.

“When I visited Myanmar as a volunteer, I witnessed isolation of the victims to prevent the damage of the typhoon cyclone. When I visited the following year, I met a grief child who was born. I was shocked to know the existence of disabled people properly. I wanted to be a contribution to society beyond missions ”

Even if you have a disability, you may wonder if a complete trip is possible. Amuse Travel provides ‘three senses’ travel contents that maximizes sight, smell, and hearing. For the visually impaired, storytelling is added to the place where the ‘incense’ can be felt and the narration about it. It is to develop products in accordance with the characteristics of the disorder divided into 15 kinds and 6 classes. Oh said, “It is not different from non-disabled people because they are disabled people. Go to famous places, eat delicious food, move comfortably, and have the same needs for travel. This point helps people with disabilities ‘feel’ themselves. We currently have 10 travel products, and we plan to launch more than 30 items this year. ”

The most important thing is to cope with safe movements and emergency situations at the destination. Expert personnel are needed to implement optimized services for all areas where people with disabilities feel uncomfortable. Because of this, it is not easy to be competitive in price. Oh looks for the solution in his ‘local host’. If the local manpower linked to the headquarters is responsible for the entire trip and the profits are stable, it is likely that similar cases will increase.

“Finding a local host with the right perception of the disabled is still not an easy problem. Sometimes the situation was not good, and I and the employees walked in with me. However, I made a trip route for Osaka in Japan for a year and started to get in touch with the local host as the customers’ I was not active because I did not have a good case, but I thought I could get a good workforce if the business was activated. ”

Amuse Travel’s sales last year was about 100 million won. The company is expected to post sales of W500mn this year, an average of 15%. It is high. The number of travels to date has reached 800, including those with disabilities and families with disabilities. From field trips to product development, it has been a year and 7 months since I have been a direct host. The loyal customer rate is very high thanks to the specialized business. A customer who traveled with a family with a real handicap for 4 days and 3 nights is planning another Nordic trip with Amus Travel at the end of this year. In terms of being the best public relations customer, Amus Travel has a strong ally.

Amusement travel business, which is growing rapidly, will be further expanded as a model business supported by Seoul City in the second half of this year. Amuse Travel has entered into an agreement with the city of Seoul and will develop and provide various travel products on the 22nd. It is creating more special products for people with different characteristics such as visual, developmental, retardation, and silver.

“We are developing a one-night product related to the Pyeongchang Paralympics that will be held in March next year, though it has not been materialized yet.” He said, “By upgrading travel products that can notify Pyeongchang as well as Seoul, I will propose to “.

“According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), disability travel accounts for about 11% of the total travel industry, but by extension, it accounts for 27% of the total. That means the market is not small. Amusement Travel will make ‘trips’ in advance of the business view to’ intersection ‘where the disabled and the disabled can understand each other.’
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