[Financial News] Women invite you to the unknown jungle

New work of Sangsangmaru Cultural Workshop
The original musical ‘Bathman’ which is the main character of bath manager
Focus on Kon Jinwon investment

Specialized Travel for the Disabled

Video All-in-one service Empra, fireworks group Art fireworks

SangsangMaru’s ‘Bathman’
‘Volcanic Zone’ of Art Fireworks Gallery

Comic creative musical comes to our unique bathing culture, bath manager (three shrines) as main character.

The name ‘Bathman’, which is interesting from the name, is the main bath for men with a long history that comes down to the third generation. Under the slogan of “World of Jungle that women do not know” and “Welcome to the Namtang,” which premiered from September, women are unfamiliar with the figure of the men’s tongue. We are ready to catch the hearts of the audience who are looking for a unique place, a joyful song, and a funny ambassador.

This performance is a new work of the Cultural Workshop Sangsangmaru. It is also a selection of content IR investment by Korea Creative Content Agency as a product linked to Daehangno tourism and performance.

The look of young start-ups is different. It is interesting that the challenge of those who are ahead of the existing market order. The Korea Media Contents Agency’s (KKL) corporate support center’s Media Day ‘Talk’ held on November 11 at a restaurant in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. Talk! Four start-ups such as Sangsangmalu, Amuse Travel, Empra, Art Fireworks Gallery participated in the content start-up were brighter.

The most noticeable place is Sangsangmul. We plan to develop our own bathing culture as “one-of-a-kind multiuse,” including sales of merchandising (MD) products, attraction of overseas tourists, and edutainment beyond performance. In fact, Sangsangmaru has created a new wind in the performing market with the family musical ‘Cat Zorba’ using mathematics. The idea that combines “mathematics” with a performance, which comes with a headache even if you talk about it, received the audience’s attention.

Since his college years, he has been enjoying the performances very much. He has started his career in musical company after graduation. After that, he entered the musical market in earnest, and he put on the stage for the first time with the imaginary floor, ‘Cat Zorba’.

It is a cat-detective story that solves the case with a mathematical mindset. What is special about Sangsangmaru is not only the performance but also the development of various derivative products by making character of the character on the stage and developing the educational source using it. “It is difficult to expect other profits from performing arts performers on site, so we need to expand the various revenue models with prototypes, and we are preparing to enter overseas by developing various additional contents as well as performances.”

It is a college that he is focusing on combining performance and tourism. With more than 120 performing arts centers, Daehakro is a unique cultural space. However, it did not lead the way to foreign tourists visiting the university. “We are looking for ways to connect Dongdaemun and Daehangno to a cultural belt so that foreign tourists visiting Korea, like New York Broadway, can enjoy the performance culture,” he said.

That ‘s why Bathman was born. I can judge that it can become a unique cultural content of Korea by putting a bath manager on stage. “I think it will take more than three years to attract foreign tourists, but I thought it would be a fun experience to be seen only in Korea,” he said.

Employment Trips for Special Needs for Travelers with Disabilities, Movie-based All-in-One Service Empra, Korea’s Only Pyro Theater (Fireworks) Amuse Travel, which caused a stir in the market last year as a travel product for people with disabilities, launches Bali travel planning products this month. Amuse Travel will be a more diverse destination in the future, including Japan, Thailand and Europe.
We plan to increase travel products for the disabled.

If Amuse Travel changed the look of travel, Emre changed his mobile video. Embra has introduced a platform that enables video curation as well as search, navigation, and shopping based on it, through its own developed application Stub (mSTUV). Art Fireworks Gallery is a performance group that combines fireworks with performances. Those who express love through fireworks performed ‘Gil & Passage’, ‘Volcanic Zone’ and ‘Gongmudoha’, which was co-organized with French creative group Carnaval last year. ‘Tongyeong Hansan Taekwon Festival’ and ‘Daegu Sueseong Festival’ in September.

On the other hand, Kon Jinwon CKL currently has 42 start-ups and realizes their dreams. So far, 21 companies have entered the 25 countries and recorded KRW 35.1 billion in sales, including KRW 6.8 billion in exports.


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