Contents Korea Lab held a first media day on November 11 [Nocut News]

Contents Korea Lab held a first media day on November 11 [Nocut News]

11th CKL Enterprise Support Center Moving companies attending Media Day.
From the left, Amuse Travel O Seon Yeon, Emp Hong Hye Jae Representative, Art Fireworks Gallery Kim Ju Ju Lee, Sang Sang Maru

The Korea Foundation for the Promotion of the Korea Contents Contents Agency held the ‘1st Media Day for the Contents Korea Lab’ in Sejongno, Chunni, Seoul on the 11th.

Korea Creative Content Agency Korea Contents Support Center is a one-stop support for start-up companies with ideas and technology, including office space, content planning and production, investment attraction, marketing and overseas expansion. Especially, As an incubator in the content industry, it is creating new growth engines.

‘Hook!’ This media day was held under the theme of “Talk Start!” (Talk !, Contents! Start up), and four start-up companies supported by Korea Creative Content Agency ‘ It was set as a place to introduce.

Following the greetings of Mr. Seung-jun Park, the contents promotion center of Korea Contents Promotion Agency of Korea, the introduction, status and results of participating companies were followed.

The first company, Sangsang Maru, is launching a musical ‘Bathman’ based on the unique bathing culture of Seosin and Italian towels. Sangsangmaru plans to create diverse added value through the contents of performances so that the characters of the main characters and various derivative products and foreign tourists who are looking around Dongdaemun in Seoul will naturally lead to the theater in Daehangno.

The second company, Amus Travel, is well known for launching specialized travel products for people with disabilities both at home and abroad. It is not merely a travel guide, but it is characterized by the increase of activity assistance according to the situation of the handicapped person who attended the trip, or the customized travel service according to the disability. Bali travel products, which will open on the 12th, will provide travel services optimized for disabled people easily and comfortably through cooperation with local partners, and plans to increase the number of disabled travelers to Bali from Southeast Asia.

The third company, Apaprap Co., will release ‘mstuv’, an information retrieval application in video, and will target the Chinese market after domestic market. EmStub, based on ‘video tagging’, provides a variety of image information with high accuracy through automatic mapping and manual mapping, such as purchasing goods directly from the image or confirming information of a specific place. AppLab said that content providers, media service operators, and merchandise vendors will provide all-in-one services through video that allows users to find suitable customers through Epstav and get all the information in the video.

The Fourth Corporate Art Fireworks Gallery is a creative performing arts organization using fireworks. Utilizing our traditional materials, we show various symbolism of fireworks and flame as a fire theater genre combined with percussion, dance and music. Especially, the work called ‘Volcanic Zone’, which was created by adding new imagination based on the fireworks that lead to the fireworks display in the old Korean court, is gaining great popularity.

“I hope that the start-up companies will be well-known and virtuous circles through this event,” said Park Seung-jun, head of the Korea Contents Promotion Agency ‘


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