Amuse Travel and ‘Good Trip’ to guarantee disabled travel [ EDaily ]

Amuse Travel and ‘Good Trip’ to guarantee disabled travel

Amusement Travel, a start-up specialist for the disabled, announced that it has secured a number of partners such as lodging, aviation, vehicles and guides, including professional hosts.

The amusement travel agency said, “Traveling for people with disabilities should be equipped with various conditions and facilities when deciding a travel course as well as aviation, accommodation, and vehicle operation.” In addition to wheelchair travel products for the disabled in Korea, I started my business because I did not have any travel products for my parents. ”

Amuse Travel has been marketing aggressive marketing campaigns starting with Amuse Special Project 1, securing a local branch in Bali, Indonesia in mid-July.

An official said, “We have also developed a good travel product that includes non-disabled people along with travel products specialized for people with disabilities.”

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